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2033-12-29 01:38 pm
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Friends Only Post

Since the first time I posted this is now lost and sorta friends locked, I thought I'd add this so anyone who might want to add me, has a way to do so now
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2033-12-26 06:33 pm

I guess it's about time I post my favorites here.... in case you're wondering what they are..

I like Slash. Yaoi. Yuri and het... but mostly Yaoi/Slash. I just love smut/erotica/hotness but romance is lovely too. Oh and Angst. I like a good "story" that makes me cry. (but not all the time)
(in case you somehow missed that before, this is so we can better get to know one another.)
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2033-12-26 11:28 am
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My favorites...

Well, here's a list of Yaoi manga and anime's that I have read/seen or want to see. Bold are the one's I've seen/read. Italics are my favorites.
Feel free to discuss your favorites, and if they're not listed, let me know. I'm sure I'm missing a lot..If anyone knows any that is not in the list, your input would be welcome ^_^
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2011-06-29 12:11 am

pissed beyond words right now. Ashamed to be an Ohioan

Seriously wanting to leave Ohio far behind after reading this bullshit. Fuck the republicans for setting us back decades. You religious nut jobs have no right to shove your beliefs down our throats, and if you keep it up you'll have a full scale revolution on your hands.